Yiren's Lineage


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Royal can create blood alliances. Although the royal family does not have the advantages of any profession when fighting, if you want to realize your lofty dream in the lineage world, then only the royal family can satisfy your dream.


Wizard give priority to spiritual development and learning, and can use a variety of magic. The mage always provides various magical assistance to the members from behind during the battle.


Elf can use fewer weapons than the knight, but he can use most weapons, especially the bow and arrow that can attack from a long distance. He has more advantages than other weapons, and he can use a variety of magic from the mage, which can be said to be the most balanced.


Knights are the most basic profession in combat. They can use a variety of weapons and armors, and their powerful attack power and superior defense are unmatched by other professions, especially their powerful combat effectiveness in close combat.

Dragon Knight

Dragon knight usually hides his power, but he can always bring his fighting instinct to the extreme at critical moments and show the awakening skills of the dragon tribe.


Illusionist summons a magic cube to perform a powerful mental attack on the enemy, providing beneficial magical effects to the team. Instead of fighting alone, the illusionist is better to fight with the team, which can better demonstrate powerful abilities. Pay attention to working together, and you will He is the best hero in Aden.

Dark Elf

Dark Elf has strong attack power and agile body, which makes it more outstanding than other professions in battle. This is especially true in solo adventures.


Warriors are battlefield ruler with combat capabilities, with the most HP is less likely to die on the battlefield.


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